Interactive 3D sculptural design company creating bespoke pieces for arts, installation and commercial settings.  

Design couple Nick and Grace combine their two skill sets to make up Murdoch Design. Collaborating together on ideas and design, Grace then runs the administration, while Nick turns the ideas into reality. Nicks wealth of experience in design and fabrication means he can work with a multitude of materials from wood to metal, fibreglass and so on.  Grace is on hand to focus on the interactivity of the designs and engagement whether for the public or performers.  Offering bespoke sets, stunts, experimental or experience marketing for events and PR. Collaborations included The National Lobster Hatchery, Lavrak Circus, Muntjac Theatre, Trebah Gardens, Cousin Jack's and Cheap Date to name a few.     


Nicks's previous collaborations also include working with Hedkandi, Help for Heroes, Coca-Cola, Secret Garden Party, Little Tykes, Covent Garden Soup Company, Indesit and OVO Energy, amongst others.