Co-founded in 2014 with fellow Falmouth university graduates Lauren Shuker and Debbie Mason. Cheap Date like to keep themselves busy from creating and touring work to teaching weekly community classes and educational workshops, commissions with international an UK based Artists, or planning the next adventure for CD.  
The below listed works have received international and UK praise from audiences of all ages.
STAIRS// Premiered Summer 2019. UK tour dates May/June, Sept/Oct 2019 . A magical, moving set of stairs appear in your village hall before coming to life through movement, storytelling, clowning, and humour.  
Dirty Words// Premiered Spring 2019. UK tour dates Feb/March 2019 . A exploration of language and communication through music, dance, speech and film with the usual Cheap Date cheekiness. 
Little Women Big Balls// Premiered Spring 2017. Tour dates TBC UK and Sweden. A family friendly show designed to make us all reflect on our own successes and failures with a smile on our face. Told through sports analogies its a balancing act of too many balls to count.  
How we Lost it// toured the UK with a successful stint at Edinburgh Fringe Festival. A story of love, sex and relationships told through Cheap Date's unique blend of comedy Dance Theatre.